We’ve got everything a hungry or just a sweets-loving person might ever want:

custom cakes with custom flavoring, crispy salty pastry and bread and delicious, mouth-numbing fresh cookies and pies!

Cakes for any Occasion

We know what any kind of event ultimately ends with…. and it’s always a cake! Our fresh, custom-made and tasty cakes and flavorings are what makes us so popular among San Diegans

Fruit Bouquets

It’s all about replacing the old-fashioned, traditional flowers as a gift with an edible and not a bit less visually appealing alternative – a fruit bouquet or a basket full of ripe fruits!

Cupcakes & Cookies

Sometimes the smaller the dessert is, the better it can fit to any kind of festivity. Our cupcakes and cookies are obviously smaller than our cakes, but non-less tasty!

Flavoring for Cakes

As we all know, a good custom-made cake comes with a variety of different flavorings. We have our own array of pre-defined tastes which you can choose and a cake that we’re baking for you…

Salty Pastry

While our major field of expertise is baking sweet goods, we’ve never shied away from the salty pastry. We’re sure that our incredible hotcakes will stay just as good as they’re now…

Bread & Baguettes

As a Bakery we’ve always put a great focus on making great breads and baguettes. Basically, all our breads menu range revolves around either French or Italian baking traditions…